Supra Show Las Vegas 2016

September 22nd - 25th, 2016 

Las Vegas Speedway

Las Vegas, NV  


Street Vibrations 2016

September 21 - 25th, 2016 

Battle Born Harley Davidson

Carson City, NV    






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AMC 390/401

Update to AMC KB Series pistons. Three new numbers that have stock 1.000" wrist pins to be used with PRESS FIT  AMC 1.000" rods.

KB418 - 390ci with 28cc Step Dish and stock 1.000" wrist pin.

KB419 - 401ci with 28cc Step Dish and stock 1.000" wrist pin.

KB420 - 401ci with 17.3cc Step Dish and stock 1.000" wrist pin.


Suzuki Samurai 1.6L

Suzuki 1.6L 10.5:1 KB417C 10.5:1 Suzuki Samurai 1.6L G16KC engine.MORE»

Chrysler 5.7L Hemi

5.7 Hemi Piston, Pin, and RingsNine new ICON 2618 alloy forged pistons for the  5.7L Chrysler Hemi have now been released in 3.790", 3.900" and 4.050" stroke combinations. MORE»

United Engine & Machine

United Engine & Machine Company produces cast and forged pistons in a variety of forged and cast aluminum alloys that will meet and exceed the requirements of today’s high performance internal combustion engines.

Each of our piston brands; ICON, Silv-O-Lite, KB Automotive, Claimer, KB V-Twin, and KB Powersports are carefully crafted with specific applications in mind. Please take a look through our brand pages for details on which piston is the right fit for you.

Through the years United Engine & Machine Company has been a leader in piston manufacturing and strives to produce the finest quality pistons for your high-performance application.

We appreciate your business and encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-800-648-7970 or e-mail us at tech@uempistons.com with any questions or comments about our products.